The Mazda AutoZam AZ-1 Review & Tour

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The Mazda AutoZam AZ-1 Review & Tour | Carphonix car audio video alarms electronics accessories remote starters installation repair London Ontario

Hey hey hey everyone, Gatlin here once again, your main man when it comes to electronics installs in your motorcycle, car, truck, boat, golf cart, or whatever. If it’s got wheels, we can make it look and sound great.

So you may have noticed we’ve posted a few videos recently about the Mazda AutoZam AZ-1. That’s thanks to our pal Craig over at to Craig over at Bonsai Rides, a biz in Glencoe, Ontario, just outside of London. He imports a lot of JDM cars.

What Does JDM Stand For?

JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market. A JDM car is a car built for Japanese audiences, but it generally refers to performance and luxury cars. Because they were built with Japanese regulations in mind, some of these cars are incredibly difficult to import. A lot of them are actually illegal to drive on Canadian or US highways.

In Canada, a JDM car has to be at least 15 years old in order to import it and legally drive it on Canadian roads, though there are sometimes exceptions for show or track cars.

Anyway, enough about that. Craig has brought a couple of AutoZam AZ-1’s to the shop here over the years. There’s a lot that’s cool about them, but it dawned on me that all of you might be confused about why they’re so interesting.

Lucky for us, Craig put together this great little documentary on his own channel about these things.

It’s a pretty short video, just 13 minutes long, but it’s really well done and informative. Check it out! If you’re paying close attention, you might notice the shout out to CarPhonix at 5:01. Thanks Craig!

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If you watch the video above, you may notice the red AZ-1. That’s the same one Craig found in a barn a few months back, and restored. The electronics inside are all courtesy of CarPhonix.

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