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It’s the middle of the night.

Your car is parked in the driveway with the doors locked.

You and your family are fast asleep. Maybe you fell asleep on the couch; that “just one more episode” in your Netflix marathon turned into the first five minutes of it. As the credits roll, you’re awakened by the sound of a car alarm.

Whatever, it’s just a car alarm system going off, right? Probably a squirrel or a stray cat set it off. No reason to investigate it. You get up and drag yourself to bed.

The next morning, you head out the door on your way to work, only to find a pile of shattered glass on the ground where your car used to be.

In Car Security Alarms Installation

Have you ever walked out of a store and set off the alarms? You turn back around, expecting to see a staff member approach you, but no one reacts at all. You walk away cleanly. Even if you had stolen something, they’d never know.

Car alarms are a lot like this.

For those of us who live in the city, hearing car security systems going off is as common as hearing the birds chirp. Odds are you won’t react to hearing your car alarm going off, and neither will anyone else.

Car thieves know this.

While a stock car alarm may help deter theft, it’s only the bare minimum. It’s nowhere near the most effective option for your car.

And since you’ve already invested your hard-earned money into buying your car and upgrading it with a car stereo installation or a car navigation system, why not spend a little more to protect your investment?

The Difference A Car Security System Can Make

Imagine getting an alert on your smart phone or a buzz on your keychain to let you know your car isn’t where it should be. Or an alert to let you know you’ve left the door or the trunk ajar. Or to alert you that, yes, that is YOUR alarm going off.

Imagine knowing EXACTLY where your vehicle is, what direction it’s traveling, and how fast it’s going, all with the push of a button – perfect for monitoring your teenage children when they borrow the car.

All this, and more, can be done with a modern car alarm remote security system.

The Carphonix Difference

When it comes to car alarm installations, Carphonix prides itself on the highest quality work on the market.

You’ll find many other installers will give you a product that looks nice on the surface, but under the dash you’ll find a mess of poorly connected and low quality wires, leftover debris, and sloppy work. This can make the difference between a working alarm and one that fails when you need it most.

Here at Carphonix, we use only the highest quality wiring. We heat shrink and solder everything to give you a clean, effective install. If your install looks as clean as it did when it only had factory parts, we’ve done our job.

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No matter what, Carphonix has you covered.

Give us a call or stop by the shop and one of our car alarm system installation experts will be happy to help. We’ll give you all the information you need to make the right choice when it comes to protecting your vehicle and your loved ones.

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