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Have you got a car electronics project you’d like to work on?

If so, Carphonix has what you’re looking for.

We’re London Ontario’s #1 car audio and electronics experts. A one-stop shop for all your mobile audio and custom electronics needs.

Founded in 2007 by car enthusiast and 310K certified auto electronic accessory technician Gatlin Sandhu, Carphonix has served London Ontario and the surrounding area for over a decade of friendly, dedicated service.

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car electronics solutions you can find at Carphonix.

Carphonix YouTube Channel

Carphonix hosts an ongoing car electronics installation show on YouTube. There you’ll find product reviews, how to videos, Q&A sessions, and much more.

To get an idea of what things are like at Carphonix, our YouTube channel is a great place to start. Click the link below to check out some of our videos. You may even get some ideas for your own project.

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Car Audio

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your deck, replace a blown speaker, add a new subwoofer system, or you want something so loud it will peel the paint off your car, Carphonix can help.

We’ve worked on everything including cars, SUVs and vans, trucks and semis, motorcycles, boats, and even a golf cart that one time. So if you’re looking for an experienced team of installers proven to deliver the results you’re looking for, contact Carphonix.

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Car Video

If you’re planning a long road trip, you might want something to keep the kids quiet while you enjoy yourself. Carphonix specializes in installing car DVD players and other video systems to entertain your family while you concentrate on the road.

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Remote Car Starters

Winter is cold and miserable. If you find yourself shivering at the idea of leaving your heated home in the morning, contact Carphonix.

We specialize in remote car starter installations, so you can get your car warm before you leave your house, allow your engine to warm up, and increase the longevity of your vehicle.

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Car Alarms & Car Security

Imagine a high-tech alarm system that alerts you via push notification on your smart phone when someone messes with your car. Imagine a GPS locator that can tell you exactly where your vehicle is, as accurately as you see on Google Maps?

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll get in knowing your vehicle is safe and secure, beyond the standard car alarm siren you hear every few hours if you live in the city.

That’s the difference between a factory car alarm, and a Carphonix car alarm installation.

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Car Electronics Accessories

There’s a lot more to car electronics than what you see above. Here at Carphonix, we specialize in all sorts of custom lights and accessories. We can install heated seats, LED lights, dash cams, parking assist cameras, and more. We can also build you a custom dashboard to fit all these new gadgets you’ve installed.

And if you’ve got a “check engine” light flashing on your dash, come on by. We’ll help you diagnose that pesky light so you can decide whether you ought to go see the mechanic today, or if it can wait a few days.

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The Carphonix Difference

Sadly, many car electronics installers will leave an absolute mess behind your door panels and dashboard. We’ve seen everything from substandard wiring to old, damaged parts and even a few fire hazards.

Your dashboard is the perfect place to hide substandard craftwork. Here at Carphonix, we pride ourselves on car electronics installation that’s clean and tidy. If you can’t tell the difference between your factory installed wiring and our wiring, we’ve met our goal.

What this means is the difference between your car video system breaking an hour into your six hour road trip and a working, reliable system that will serve you for years to come.

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For more information on our services, to book an installation or a consultation, or just for a chat, contact Carphonix today. One of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help you with all your car electronics needs.

Whether you know exactly what you want, you don’t know where to start, or you’re working on a budget, we can help. You don’t need a lot of money for a great sounding system, and we can work within most budgets.

Contact Carphonix Car Audio today, and find out how you can make your car electronics dreams a reality.

And if you’ve got a “check engine” light flashing on your dash, come on by. We’ll help you diagnose that pesky light so you can decide whether you ought to go see the mechanic today, or if it can wait a few days.

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