With cars being one of the most common types of vehicle you see on the road, you can be certain we have a wide range of solutions available.

Read on below to find out the type of car electronics upgrades you can see in your vehicle.

Car audio is the reason we started this business in the first place. Our fearless leader Gatlin’s passion for car audio was what inspired him to build the very first Carphonix shop in Ingersoll, Ontario, and since then we’ve only grown.

Having installed hundreds of car audio systems over the years, you can be confident we have the experience necessary to give your car the system you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a trunk-rattling cannon or just a cleaner, crisper sound, Carphonix has you covered.

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While many people install car video systems in vans or trucks, there’s no reason why you can’t install one in a car as well. We just have to be a little more creative.

Whether you’re looking for a roof panel in-car video system, a screen embedded in the back of your seats, or an in-dash video system, Carphonix has you covered.

In-car video systems can be great for long road trips with the kids, romantic evenings with your spouse, or for helping you navigate on your journey.

Whatever your car video needs are, contact Carphonix.

Most people assume remote car starters are only there to keep you warm during the winter. And they are, but that’s only part of the story.

By letting your engine warm up for a few minutes before driving it in the winter, you’re letting it run much easier, which can increase the longevity of your engine. So if you’re interested in protecting your investment into your vehicle, a remote car starter is a great idea.

And, of course, staying warm during the winter doesn’t hurt either.

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Your car is an investment. And the bigger the investment, the more you’ll want to secure your investment.

If you have a stock car alarm in a high-end car, you won’t get the security you’re hoping for.

And if you’re driving a classic car, there’s no such thing as a stock security system.

Either way though, Carphonix can help you keep your pride and joy safe. By installing a GPS location tracking system in your vehicle, you can track it at any time. And by sending you a notification on your phone, you can avoid the reaction so many people face when they hear a car alarm – ignoring.

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Car electronics have become sophisticated enough that you can add all sorts of accessories.

If you’re for more winter comforts, we can install some heaters in your seat cushions to keep you toasty warm.

If you live in a neighbourhood where children play, we can install a backup camera to illuminate your blind spot.

Or how about install a dash cam in your car to record your trips?

LED lights are another popular option.

These lights are higher efficiency than the traditional bulbs, and because they’re so small you can have fun making some cool patterns with them.

Finally, if you need a custom dashboard built to fit all your new installations, we can help there too.

In the end, you’ll drive out of here with a slick, fresh new install that looks clean and professional and sounds great.

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