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Here at Carphonix, we specialize in everything to do with car electronics. And while the first things that comes to mind may be car stereos, car alarms, remote starters, and car video, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Here are just some of the other services we provide here at Carphonix.

Heated Seat Installation

A remote starter is great for warming up your car in the morning, but your car’s stock heating system can only do so much.

The mornings when you need your remote starter the most are ones where your car has a thick layer of frost coating it. Starting your car and allowing it to warm up will save you the trouble of having to scrape off all that ice.

But what about when you actually get into your car? The air may be warmer, but your seats may be as cold as the ground outside.

Much like a remote car starter, heated seats are one of your best weapons against the onslaught of a Canadian winter. Keep yourself warm, comfortable, and happy with a heated seat installation.

LED Lights Installation

In the modern world, everyone is pushing for more energy efficient ways of operating. And the automotive world is no different.

Many car owners are opting to install LED headlights in their vehicles instead of the traditional halogen or xenon bulbs that come stock in most cars, and it’s easy to see why. LED bulbs are superior to the older bulbs in many ways.

As a Ministry Licensed Automotive Electrical Accessory Technician (310K), we only employ Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T).

First, they’re far more energy efficient. LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy, which can’t hurt your fuel efficiency. They also last much, MUCH longer – up to 100 times longer than halogen bulbs. This saves you money in having to replace your bulbs, but also saves you the hassle of having to worry about it in the first place.

LEDs can be brighter than halogen and warmer than xenon, which announces your presence on the road more forcefully and keep you safer while driving at night. And because LED arrangements rely on multiple smaller bulbs rather than a single bright one, you can arrange them in a more decorative and unique pattern.

Keep yourself safe on the road with an LED headlight installation from Carphonix.

Parking Assist Camera And Sensor Installation

When you put your car in reverse, you naturally look behind you to make sure there isn’t anything in the way. But have you ever considered how much you can miss?

Yes, your rear view mirrors help. But they can’t catch everything. If you live in a neighbourhood where children play, whether yours or a neighbour’s, you may not even notice a child playing behind your car until it’s too late.

In addition to keeping your friends and family safe, a parking assist camera installation makes parallel parking and reversing into a parking spot a breeze. You can guide yourself directly into the space where you need to park, and spot any obstacles that may be in the way.

Contact Carphonix for more information about parking assist camera installations and how you can use it to improve your driving experience.

Dash Cam Installation

Someone cuts you off. You slam on the brakes, but it’s just a moment too soon. You hit the other vehicle, and they drive off. The accident was their fault, but there’s no proof. You’re on the hook to repair your vehicle yourself, or go through an insurance claim which is almost certain to raise your premium.

Or, even worse, they claim it was your fault and force you to pay for their repairs.

It’s your word against theirs and you have no proof. What can you do?

The next day, you’re pulled over by a police officer for a traffic infraction. You didn’t do it. You know you didn’t do it. But it’s the officer’s word against yours, and you have no proof.

Your only options are to pay the claims, or fight the ticket in court with no evidence in your favour.

What can you do about this? Easy. Get a dash cam installation from Carphonix.

With a dash cam in your car recording everything on the road, you’ve got all the evidence you need to protect yourself. Your dash cam will capture the licence plate of any car that does a hit and run, so you can track them down for an insurance claim. It will also capture what REALLY happened in an accident or during a traffic infraction, so you can avoid paying for someone else’s mistakes.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll capture something extraordinary happening and create the next viral video hit.

At Carphonix, we specialize in dash cam installations. Make sure the truth comes to light with a dash cam from Carphonix.

Custom Dash Installations

When it comes time to installing a new component into your vehicle, it may not fit well into your original dash. This is especially true when installing a new car stereo deck with a touch screen in a car that originally had a simpler stereo.

Here at Carphonix, we can not only install your electronic components, we can also rebuild your dash entirely. We’ll provide you with a sleek, spotless look that matches your car’s current aesthetic and integrates your new electronics seamlessly. The result is a car that looks as good as it did rolling off the dealer’s lot with much better functionality from your new in car system.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Did that pesky check engine light pop up on your dash? No problem. Stop by Carphonix to diagnose the problem quickly. We’ll talk to your car’s computer and find out what’s going on under your hood.

That way, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge you need to speak to your mechanic, or do the repairs yourself, and get your car running smoothly again.

Contact Carphonix for more information about parking assist camera installations and how you can use it to improve your driving experience.

Custom Car Electronics Work

Do you have a more unique custom job that isn’t mentioned here? No problem.

We’re a car electronics shop. That means if it has to do with car electronics, we can help.

We’ve done a wide range of custom work in the past, so you can be sure that we can help you with your project too.

Contact Carphonix to find out more about what we do and how we can help you with your car electronics installation needs, whatever they may be.

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