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Have you ever wanted to start your car using your smart phone? Hoping to increase the range on your remote starter or security system? Do you want the most cutting edge security system on the market in your vehicle?

If so, you want a Clifford system.

Fortin is like the United Nations of car electronics installations. They help different electronics components communicate and cooperate with each other, and in general help everything run a little more smoothly when they’re around.

They’ve been in the audio business since 1972, and are based out of Montreal. Always nice to support Canadian businesses who build great products.

The eXcelon line of car stereo systems is the most advanced product line Kenwood has to offer. Including navigation and multimedia systems, receivers, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and accessories, each has been thoroughly tested and is considered among the best car stereo systems on the market

Heise makes a wide range of LED lighting systems for vehicles, including headlights, side bars, and light bars for cars, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, and more.

The reason we use Heise LED lights is because they’re unbelievably durable. Heise literally does just about everything they can think of to try and break them, including dropping them off the roof, sawing them in half, freezing them in water, shaking them in a paint can mixer, and even shooting them with a gun. Somehow, they keep working.

Founded in 1975, JL Audio is one of the pioneers of the car audio industry. Having been one of the earliest manufacturers of high-end car audio products in the late 1970’s, they have become one of the most recognized names in the world of mobile audio. Carphonix is proud to carry JL’s extensive range of car and marine audio products.

JVC offers a wide range of different products, including home theatre systems, headphones, camcorders, and of course, car audio.

Their multimedia systems, receivers, and speakers for both land and marine vehicles, are often sought after because of their reputation for high quality products.

Established in Japan in 1946, Kenwood got its start as the Kasuga Radio Company, building CB radios, before manufacturing high end car audio products. They’re one of the most recognizable names in the world of car audio, and customers often ask for them by name.

Founded in 1973 in Kicker founder Steve Irby’s garage, Kicker produces car audio products under a number of different brands, including Klock Werks, L7, Solo-Baric, Hideaway, CompVX, and much more.
Other than car audio, Kicker also manufactures wireless outdoor speaker systems, bluetooth headsets, headphones, and other wireless speaker products.

If you ever had a LaserDisc player at home, you’ll remember the name Pioneer – they were one of the top brands in the LaserDisc world. But they also manufacture some of the highest-end car audio systems on the market, including speakers, amplifiers, GPS navigation systems, subwoofers, CD and DVD players, digital media receivers, and much more.

Raptor manufactures a lot of the “other stuff” you’ll find in a car electronics installation. It’s not the flashy, exciting stuff like your speakers or your deck, but you’ll have a hard time with a high quality installation without them.

From distribution blocks to capacitors, circuit breakers to battery terminals, Raptor products show up in one way or another in many of our installs here at Carphonix, though you’d never know it.

A factory car battery will do just fine if you’re leaving your factory audio system in your car. But if you want a high performance audio system, you’ll need a high performance battery to power it.

Shuriken High Performance Batteries provides just that, offering batteries for both sport and leisure vehicles on land and in the water, as well as charging solutions, terminal systems, and more.

T-Spec is a manufacturer of RCA cables, battery terminals, amp installation kits for both land and marine, terminals, fuses, and other technical details needed when assembling a car audio system.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference in a car audio installation, and this is where T-Spec comes in. Like a roadie on tour with a band, T-Spec products don’t take centre stage, but the show couldn’t go on without them.

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