Rust Control Modules Are A Waste Of Money. Here’s Why

By January 22, 2019 Customizations

Rust Control Modules Are A Waste Of Money. Here's Why | Carphonix car audio video alarms electronics accessories remote starters installation repair London Ontario

What’s happening everyone, we’re back with another episode with your friendly faces at CarPhonix Car Audio, your one-stop source for everything to do with car electronics.

Does it have to do with your car? Does it have to do with the wires in your car? If the answer is yes, we’ve gotcha covered.

And I know all y’all like to follow some of the cool and unusual mods we’ve done, like that 1991 Mazda Autozam overhaul, or the gorgeous 1969 Beaumont classic stereo upgrade we did. Good times.

But it’s not all fun and games. Today I want to talk to you about something that’s a big topic in this industry – electronics rust control modules.

It’s a big topic in the car world, and it’s especially a big deal at the dealership you’re going to when you decide to buy a new car.

Yeah, a lot of people are talking about them.

And you can probably tell by the title of this article that I’m not a big fan.

What Is A Rust Control Module

So the idea behind a rust control module is, obviously, to control rust. What it does is send a low frequency electrical charge through your car’s body which is supposed to prevent rust from forming.

The technology behind these things is adapted from what they use on oil tankers, and it actually works for those. But for your car, it’s not going to make one lick of difference.

Why not?

Watch the video below to find out.

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Yeah I know this blog wasn’t as fun as they usually are, but it’s a big deal and it’s something you deserve to know about when you’re making your purchasing decisions.

Speaking of which, are you thinking of upgrading your car electronics? Maybe you want a killer new sound system, or a remote starter, or maybe you want a video system in the back to keep your kids quiet on a long trip.

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