How To Remove Old Window Tint From Your Classic Car

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How To Remove Old Window Tint From Your Classic Car | old window tint | Carphonix car audio video alarms electronics accessories remote starters installation repair London Ontario

Classic cars are awesome, right?

I don’t think you’ll find anyone in the world who could disagree with that.

Imagine watching Goldfinger, and instead of James Bond pulling up in his 1964 Aston Martin DB5, he drives a beat up old jalopy.

Imagine watching Back To The Future, and instead of a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, Doc Brown stuffs all his time travel equipment in the back of a crummy old van.

Imagine if Batman left the Batmobile at home, and rode his bicycle instead.

Yeah, doesn’t work does it?

But here’s the thing about classic cars – they’re a bit of a hassle.

For people who own classic cars, the hassle is no big deal – it’s all part of owning a classic car in the first place.

But ya still gotta deal with it, don’t cha?

Removing Old Window Tint

This video has nothing to do with the usual fare of car alarms and electronics stuff we cover in this series, but y’all watch my videos for more than that stuff anyway.
At least I think you do.

But here’s the thing. Maybe you just installed a sweet new audio system in the back, and you want to show it off. Whether it’s at a car show or just while you’re rolling around the neighbourhood, it doesn’t matter.

If your window is tinted, no one can see that fancy stuff, can they?

Or maybe your tint is just old and faded and doesn’t look nice anymore.

Or… well the reason doesn’t matter.

If you want to remove the tint from your windows, how do you do it?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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