Car Alarms, Boat Stereos, and Philosophy – Oh My!

By June 26, 2019 Car Alarms

Car Alarms, Boat Stereos, and Philosophy – Oh My! | Carphonix car audio video alarms electronics accessories remote starters installation repair London Ontario

Hey hey hey hey, it’s Gatlin from CarPhonix. What’s good people?

I’m taking y’all on a tour through the shop here.

What’s happening right now? Well first off, we’ve got a guy who had his wheels stolen, right out of his driveway. Can you believe that?

Something similar happened to me when I was younger though. Someone popped the window out of the socket of my ride and stole my entire audio system. That was a huge drag, since it was the first time I really had an audio system I was happy with.

Anyway, so this guy, after getting his wheels stolen, wanted something to protect his ride, right? Understandable. So we gave him a brand new top of the line Clifford car alarm system installation. Nice and safe.

What else? We’ve been working on a lot of boats lately, and this one is no exception. People with boats like to have fun on them – I mean, obviously – and part of that fun can be a brand new sexy sound system, so that’s what we’re up to on this one.

So we’re putting six new speakers in this guy, and I’m going to walk you through it.

You’ll also get a slice of life from me, as I wax philosophical like about owning a business and how it’s not always as glamorous as it seems.

Anyway, enough of my yakking – check out the video and enjoy me yakking!

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