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We live in Canada. It’s a great country with lots going for it. But it does have its drawbacks.

If you live here too, you know what I’m talking about.

It’s the weather.

Nobody can prepare for the cold like Canadians can. While our friends south of the border shut down entire cities after a couple centimetres of snow, we dutifully dig our cars out of the snow and show up for work.

Even when the snow is above your waist.

Even when the wind hurts your face the minute you step outside.

When it comes time to leave your house during the winter, wouldn’t it be easier to go from your warm house to your warm car? Wouldn’t it be better to skip the several minutes of frigidity as you rub your hands in front of the heating vents?

Having a remote car starter installed in your car will give you just that.

Benefits Of Remote Car Starter Systems

You can use your remote start system to enjoy a frost-free morning, moving from your warm house to your warm car. This is the most comfortable way to deal with Canadian winters. But there’s more to it than just comfort.

Starting a cold engine and giving it a few moments to warm up before driving it can increase the longevity of your engine, giving you a vehicle that will serve you for years to come. And while starting it with your key before you leave is possible, this is not only inconvenient; it also puts your car at risk.

A car remote starter will start your engine, but as soon as you put your car into gear and try to drive it, the engine will shut off. This provides a built-in anti theft system which you’ll be glad you had if anything happens.

Of course, a remote start system increases your vehicle’s resale value as well.

Installing & Upgrading Keyless Remote Car Starters

If you already have a remote starter that came stock with your car, Carphonix can still help.

Stock remote starters are often limited in range. This means that if you live in an apartment building, a condo, a townhouse complex, or another place where your car is parked a little further away from your home, your stock starter might not work without you leaving the house. And if that’s the case, it kind of makes the whole thing pointless, doesn’t it?

Where To Get Remote Car Starters Installed In London Ontario

Here at Carphonix, we pride ourselves in offering the best remote car starter installations on the market. Not only will you receive a top of the line remote auto starter, you’ll get a seamless integration that looks as clean as a factory install and works much better.

Contact Carphonix to find out more about remote car starters and which install will best meet your needs.

Give us a call or stop by Carphonix today!

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