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CarPhonix Car Audio is here for all of your mobile audio & video needs with 9 years of friendly, non-pressuring sales and service. Check us out and see for yourself! Serving SOUTHWESTERN ONTARIO AND BEYOND!





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As our valued customer, you can be rest assured that we will get the job done right the first time. All critical wiring connections made in your vehicle are soldered, heat shrunk and tie wrapped in place for a reliable and clean installation.

At Carphonix Car Audio we have nothing to hide. If you wish to be present for your vehicles installation, your are welcome to watch as long as you understand that it speaking with or interrupting the technician may result in a longer installation process and cost.

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  • Hey guys, Want to say thanks for all the great service, and advise with my system. Thanks to CarPhonix, I realized my system installed entirely wrong by some friend that apparently knew what he was doing. CarPhonix installed everything very professionally, and showed genuine concern when they saw how my system had been wired. My audio sounds like an entirely different system, super loud, but also crystal clear.

    5/5 for the service, wish you guys would have had some stickers 😛

  • Hey guys, Just a quick thanks for the great system in my 2011 Silverado. I came to you recommended by my Chev dealer and I was very glad they did. I wanted to keep it factory looking as much as possible but still get the great sound of a fully upgraded system. The wiring and installation was very professional, clean and non-evasive which is what I was after. Things like soldering & heat shrinking all the ends instead of just crimping and taping makes all the difference in the install process as well. The equipment you recommended works great and sounds very balanced. I was concerned about “hacking into” my newer vehicle with aftermarket wiring and sound, but the equipment fit perfectly and the install was very tidy and organized. Kept the factory look and function of everything and is barely noticeable visually, but turn up the volume and there’s no doubt of the upgrades. Thanks again for the excellent equipment recommendations and professional installation. I’d highly recommend you guys for your knowledge on making things sound proper not just loud, and especially your attention to quality installation.