Retro Car Audio Systems Installation On A 1969 Beaumont

By August 15, 2017Car Audio

Hey everyone, Gatlin here from Carphonix.

Do I need to introduce myself like that every time? Who else would it be? Oh well.

Check out what’s going on here today. Rad set of wheels brought in today, an old 1969 Beaumont.

This thing originally belonged to the current owner’s parents, and was stored in a barn for a long time. They decided to restore it, putting a new roof, new seals, all sorts of nice stuff. It’s in fantastic shape now.

So why is it sitting here in my bay? Well, they wanted us to add in one of our nice car stereo systems installs. And you know, I’ve installed a couple of car stereos in my time, so I thought I could figure this one out too.

But what’s the difference here?

Well I couldn’t just carve out a chunk of the dashboard and stick in a slick, modern looking radio with a big touch screen on it, can I? I mean, I can, but it just wouldn’t look right. So I’ve got a cool retro radio piece, which I think looks great. Hopefully you will too.

But I know the reason you guys are REALLY watching this video – to see my new pair of shoes! Oh, and Damien has a new pair too.

Hope you enjoy this one!

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