Clifford Car Alarm Installation Into A Hyundai Tucson

By August 1, 2017Car Audio

Clifford Car Alarm Installation Into A Hyundai Tucson | Detail of a Hyundai Tucson | Carphonix car audio video alarms electronics accessories remote starters installation repair London Ontario

Beautiful day here at Carphonix! Hope everyone’s well today. It’s Gatlin here, your car audio pal.

Today we’re doing some work for Georgian Bay Fire And Safety. They contracted us to install some security systems on their vehicles, so you’ll get an inside scoop into that.

We’re also digging into a motorcycle we’ve worked on before, a nice Harley with a hell of a sound system on it. We put marine equipment on it, naturally, since a motorcycle doesn’t exactly have the protection a car does. It’s important to note, though, that marine equipment is only water resistant – it’s not waterproof. You’ll be fine in a bit of rain, but if you dunk your bike in the river, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Anyway, buddy was having trouble with the FM signal on his radio, so we’ll jump in and make some repairs.

But the main part of this video is doing a Clifford car alarm system installation into a Hyundai Tucson. We’ll dig into that bad boy at about 6:00 in, so if you want to skip all my rambling before the install gets going, you know what to do.

Check out the video below:

(If the player doesn’t work click here for the video)


Until next time, this is Gatlin from Carphonix signing off!

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